Predictions for 2014 – Personal Year 9

This is the year of completion and closure. This year, all that was left open or unresolved for the past 9 years, resurfaces as a scary ghost. Passions, friendships, work, family matters, changes and incomplete plans will be remembered in this period anyway. Sometimes by direct action of the involved people and other times by your own memories, everything will be seen as the final round of a fight. The 9 represents the last stage of the numerological journey. All levels have already been overcome. It’s time to test what you have learned, observe what lessons were not properly carried out or assimilated and also observe what kind of individual was created during these last years and which of them will continue the journey. That’s why 9 brings the constant sensation of living in a big test. Everyone around you wants something or wants to provoke a reaction. There’s no way not to respond such provocations. It’s all part of a big test, but without knowing it. Instinctively you will lead your life as if it were the last chance. Objects and places linking to the past must be exchanged, donated, sold or renewed as soon as possible. The energy of the old things should not go forward. What is still useful must remain and make a new alliance. What does not serve should be out of scene. This also serves to relationships at all levels. For those who do well and symbolize inner peace you should do a new pact. For those that cannot be solved or cause malaise you should excise them of coexistence once and for all. If this is not done in year 9 it will stay so for at least another 9 years. It will take a lot of willpower to resolve before the end of this period. Therefore, forgive and get rid of these subjects or these people once and for all. The 9 brings issues and important projects which will give visibility and status; you must only be careful with signatures of contracts and documents, that for the whole year. Think big. This year all the great attitudes and businesses of great scope and risk will be rewarded. Do not be afraid. Just think of the collective and you will succeed in any endeavor. If the year 9 is conducted without fear or attachment to old things it will open a new path and ensure the success of next year that will be the 1.

nr 9


Predictions for 2014 – Personal Year 2

Year 2 leads relationships in all levels. You should be careful about gossips that will happen day-by-day during the year.

This year increases the wish of union and it also brings possibilities of partnerships and associations.

Also it can represent breakage of contracts, marriages and partnerships but these ruptures will be followed by new alliances.

In addition, this year brings the accomplishment of ideas from the previous year (1) that can be done with the help of partners.

Some activities that are considered as entertainment will be helpful in the family budget. You just let things flow naturally without censure and no matter what people will say about it.

This is the year of passion: everything will be taken by it: job, family, relationships and even a simple trip.

This year if you want to succeed you should do things with love. Your presence will be required in many places. Try to be mindful. Walk more slowly inside your home and at your working place. Notice every detail around you.

Many business and opportunities will be conquered just by observing things around you.

At disputes you should check all the facts before taking any decision or bending to one side.


Oração do Silêncio

Psiu, silêncio!

Calma, não precisa tapar a boca

Fechar os olhos

Fingir que não ouve nada ao seu redor

Ficar estático

Fazer o sinal da cruz


Ficar em posição de lótus

Nem meditar.

Para fazer silêncio,

Basta que seu coração e sua cabeça sejam amigos

Não divirjam

Olhem o mesmo objeto e o mesmo caminho

Assim eles lhe dirão sem demora

Se está no caminho certo

Se este é seu amor

Se este é seu trabalho

Se esta é sua missão

Quando seu coração e sua cabeça forem amigos

Jamais voltará a duvidar daquilo que é

Jamais insistirá naquilo que não é

(Luiz Alexandre Jr)