Predictions for 2014 – Personal Year 9

This is the year of completion and closure. This year, all that was left open or unresolved for the past 9 years, resurfaces as a scary ghost. Passions, friendships, work, family matters, changes and incomplete plans will be remembered in this period anyway. Sometimes by direct action of the involved people and other times by your own memories, everything will be seen as the final round of a fight. The 9 represents the last stage of the numerological journey. All levels have already been overcome. It’s time to test what you have learned, observe what lessons were not properly carried out or assimilated and also observe what kind of individual was created during these last years and which of them will continue the journey. That’s why 9 brings the constant sensation of living in a big test. Everyone around you wants something or wants to provoke a reaction. There’s no way not to respond such provocations. It’s all part of a big test, but without knowing it. Instinctively you will lead your life as if it were the last chance. Objects and places linking to the past must be exchanged, donated, sold or renewed as soon as possible. The energy of the old things should not go forward. What is still useful must remain and make a new alliance. What does not serve should be out of scene. This also serves to relationships at all levels. For those who do well and symbolize inner peace you should do a new pact. For those that cannot be solved or cause malaise you should excise them of coexistence once and for all. If this is not done in year 9 it will stay so for at least another 9 years. It will take a lot of willpower to resolve before the end of this period. Therefore, forgive and get rid of these subjects or these people once and for all. The 9 brings issues and important projects which will give visibility and status; you must only be careful with signatures of contracts and documents, that for the whole year. Think big. This year all the great attitudes and businesses of great scope and risk will be rewarded. Do not be afraid. Just think of the collective and you will succeed in any endeavor. If the year 9 is conducted without fear or attachment to old things it will open a new path and ensure the success of next year that will be the 1.

nr 9


Predictions for 2014 – Personal Year 8

This is the year for organization, financial control and entrepreneurial initiative. Although it is a favorable year to business and to increase the financial gains, first you must complete the lessons from the year 7. This year asks you to put into practice everything you studied, researched and learned in the past. This is not the time to redo things but you should have total dominance of what you want and what you can do. To succeed you need courage, confidence and ambition. Without these ingredients it will be an unproductive and negative year. You also need to use everything you learned in recent years and put this whole experience in the service of your present. This is the year of fertility and energy emanated from sexual organs, bringing the possibility of generating children, but also of sexual organ related diseases. Being a feminine strength, it will act more intensely in women and it will give men characteristic element of feminine entity. This variation can be perceived in the constant changes of hormones (testosterone and estrogen), since the 8 governs the hormones. Before you go hunting for better financial and administrative results, you should first clean up the accounts that are leaking. Remember that lying 8 represents infinity, if you do not use the maximum positive power of this number, your result may be null. Depending on how you have behaved in lessons from the previous year, this may have a negative balance. This year, everything will depend on how you manage love, family, work and friendships. To balance them, establish objectives and goals according to the order of priority that they have in your life.


Predictions for 2014 – Personal year 7

Year 7 is the year of intimate, spiritual and intellectual reform. It cannot be considered a quiet year, but it will certainly be the most useful for anyone who wants to evolve. The year brings many trials and involvement with invisible things, prophetic dreams with high symbolic power, which will help you decipher the riddles of everyday life. It increases intuition and inspiration because it extends the psychic abilities, facilitating greater influence of spiritual guides. On the other hand, who has low spiritual development will suffer attacks of negative energies and will make mistakes. Also he will be extremely insecure and can trigger various types of phobias. In this period it is common to seek help (from fortune teller until cleaning work in 1-Terreiros de Candomblé).Even those who never had curiosity to meet any one of these alternative therapies. To increase the ability to concentrate and to give more depth to the questions, this will be a positive year for research, thesis defenses or simply go back to school. Everything will be absorbed much more easily. This considerable increase in the perception and reading of the world will also cause some discomfort because it brings with it a strong tendency to distrust other people around you. Also the year is not for financial gains. All materialistic movement and getting-profit movement will be locked. In order to have success and decrease the negative impact on the money this year, you should prioritize learning and the discovery of new strategies to work. It will also be important to work behind the scenes and keeping business secrets. Only talk about them after they have been signed, otherwise they will be undone. The year 7 brings betrayal and envy of enemies and friends, changes in relationships (friendship and love), love triangles and loss of important ties. The year requires meditation, deepening in the internal subjects, search for locations that provide rest, tranquility and the possibility of intellectual and spiritual gain. Do not try to force things. Everything will depend on a careful analysis and common sense. The more refined and deep are the abstractions, the greater the results and success.

  1. Places where people celebrate Afro-Brazilian cult called Candomblé.


Predictions for 2014 – Personal Year 6

The year 6 is for adjusting and settling of accounts.  It is used to be a quiet year. Its movement and problems are related to family and work relationships. Now it’s time to ensure changes made in year 5. If in the previous year you did not have the control of things, this year it’s all about control and the domain. It is a year of political alliances, contracts and agreements to ensure safety. It is likely that weddings and longer-lasting relationships happen right now. The energy brought by 6 demands settlement and all representing that will be frantically sought. The 6 represents the mother and the family, bringing many setbacks in this field. To minimize them, you should reduce the speed when entering the house, listen to the requests and you should not opt for the work or anything else instead of the family and its closest members. Despite this, your greatest satisfaction and accomplishment of this year will also come from the family. At work, you may be assuming more responsibilities- accumulation or even promotion. For those who are out of the market it will be the year of the return. The year also brings problems and issues related to justice, breaking and making of contracts, payments, receipts and everything that depends on signing as well as agreement between parties. You must always seek friendly agreements and avoid reaching for a judge’s decision. Anyway, you should not hesitate to reach the justice, when all attempts have been exhausted. The moment also favors the settlement of debts, from the personal to the financial (visits, objects and letters to friends). The feeling of harmony and peace will be present for the entire year. But this will not prevent conflicts, especially in the workplace and family. The hand protector, dominator and the excessive zeal of the 6 can negatively influence on judgments and decisions, which may leave you partial and biased. So pay attention and be careful not to support those who do not deserve to the detriment of the one who is in the truth. Social moments and also the presence of most influential people will help achieve the goals. Make the most of these contacts and turn this into something productive. The year calls for peace. Everything that does not symbolize or that is not in accordance with this should be avoided, modified or simply left out.


Predictions for 2014 – Personal Year 5

Year 5 is the year of change. It’s usually a tough year for almost everyone. That doesn’t mean it is negative but a large part of human beings resists these changes and does not like to get rid of conquered things. The desire and the ideology of consumption prevents the real transformation to happen this year and this could change the meaning of your life forever. 5 is the number for Alchemy. It indicates the moment of transformation from rough and primitive to the gold and the divine inside us. It represents the human being who has already transitioned and experienced individual sensations of primitive society: the cave, family, sex, love and disappointment. Now it is time to give new breath, seek new directions, new ports and battlefields. This is the middle path of numerological array. Whoever does this lesson well will get evolved. This year will be plenty of movement, full of surprises and sudden changes. Every day a new story and a new way of looking at things. You should not rely on the apparent calm of things. Contracts and arrangements already closed can change suddenly. Be prepared. The 5 is a year of contacts, travel and quick displacements. Care must be taken in the energy field: 5 makes a lot of exchange of energy. Excessive physical contact should be avoided. To minimize the adverse effects of such exchanges, you should take aromatic and ionizing baths during the year. Don’t hesitate to change. The resistance to it will be punished during the year. Probably many things that bring headaches during this period have their roots in the year 4. The year 4 ordered structure and organization. If you are in a bad time now it is because you did not structured or organized your life properly. The year 5 can bring change of job, house, etc. Do not despair, because the cycle of things from the past has come to an end and everything is fleeting right now.


Predictions for 2014 – Personal Year 4

Year 4 is the year of reconstruction and the resumption of control. It can be considered the most difficult among all years of numerological array. Even so, it will be the year in which it will be possible to structure all things of everyday life. Its limited influence will make everything to be put in its proper place. Positive, expansive and happy periods from year 3 provoke many daydreams and unnecessary wear of energy, money and health.

The year 4 comes to restore the natural order of things and put people’s feet on the ground. The year requires savings, control, self-discipline and perseverance; all these ingredients must be used once obstacles and difficulties may only be overcome by using them. It is very common when people want to overcome a tough year like this by running, forcing things and especially despairing; the year requires calm and slow steps, organization and revaluation of all procedures. It’s time to sit at the desk and review each step taken in recent years. If necessary, start from scratch.

Year 4 favors all resumption and every initiative of repairs. From a simple reform on the floor of the house, the construction of buildings, the change of job routine until the beginning of a new life. Everything is slow and sluggish, with many details but it will be compensated in the next few years and it will reduce the suffering and the retroactive impact of the year. It is also common to be surprised with losses of money, employment, work and health. These things combined will easily take the will to do anything. Even at this point, you should only treat the problems rationally. By the time you’re going to do the retrospective you will identify where the error was and what caused those losses. The big deal of the year is not just identify them but redoing them correctly.

Predictions for 2014 – Personal Year 3

This is a good year for new opportunities, to take up room and to grow up. Projects started during the previous years will be more mature this year.

It is possible to master the changes made in career, love and day-by-day relationships.

There is growth in every way. The only thing that can keep you from reaching a climax: unfulfilled lessons in years 1 and 2. Remember that in Numerology you must be in perfect harmony with the vibrations that the number requests, otherwise you will not enjoy the positive side of it.

The year brings joy and the desire to release yourself a little more than usual. All related to fun, food and sex is treated with much more interest.

The 3 brings disposition and energy to tear things up, go through drawers, rid of complicated matters and to make radical changes, without guilt or dramas.

It may also cause problems by excess of eccentricity, pomp and presumption caused by the intrinsic sense of power, so you can run too many risks or put at risk things already established.

This moment is to broaden horizons, occupy every possible space, expand business or simply expand the knowledge of the world, being academic or not.

The resourcefulness in speech and body language brought by the energy of 3 will facilitate communication at work, in the circle of friends and family. This balance will help to reach higher positions in your career.

On the other hand, if this energy is not used positively you will have a sharp and feline tongue,  causing problems in many sectors of life, sometimes for talking too much, sometimes speaking insults to the wrong people at the wrong time. The year can be considered as the most joyful and auspicious within numerological matrix, but you must save money and not rely on the same positive moment next year.