Predictions for 2014 – Personal Year 8

This is the year for organization, financial control and entrepreneurial initiative. Although it is a favorable year to business and to increase the financial gains, first you must complete the lessons from the year 7. This year asks you to put into practice everything you studied, researched and learned in the past. This is not the time to redo things but you should have total dominance of what you want and what you can do. To succeed you need courage, confidence and ambition. Without these ingredients it will be an unproductive and negative year. You also need to use everything you learned in recent years and put this whole experience in the service of your present. This is the year of fertility and energy emanated from sexual organs, bringing the possibility of generating children, but also of sexual organ related diseases. Being a feminine strength, it will act more intensely in women and it will give men characteristic element of feminine entity. This variation can be perceived in the constant changes of hormones (testosterone and estrogen), since the 8 governs the hormones. Before you go hunting for better financial and administrative results, you should first clean up the accounts that are leaking. Remember that lying 8 represents infinity, if you do not use the maximum positive power of this number, your result may be null. Depending on how you have behaved in lessons from the previous year, this may have a negative balance. This year, everything will depend on how you manage love, family, work and friendships. To balance them, establish objectives and goals according to the order of priority that they have in your life.



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