Predictions for 2014 – Personal year 7

Year 7 is the year of intimate, spiritual and intellectual reform. It cannot be considered a quiet year, but it will certainly be the most useful for anyone who wants to evolve. The year brings many trials and involvement with invisible things, prophetic dreams with high symbolic power, which will help you decipher the riddles of everyday life. It increases intuition and inspiration because it extends the psychic abilities, facilitating greater influence of spiritual guides. On the other hand, who has low spiritual development will suffer attacks of negative energies and will make mistakes. Also he will be extremely insecure and can trigger various types of phobias. In this period it is common to seek help (from fortune teller until cleaning work in 1-Terreiros de Candomblé).Even those who never had curiosity to meet any one of these alternative therapies. To increase the ability to concentrate and to give more depth to the questions, this will be a positive year for research, thesis defenses or simply go back to school. Everything will be absorbed much more easily. This considerable increase in the perception and reading of the world will also cause some discomfort because it brings with it a strong tendency to distrust other people around you. Also the year is not for financial gains. All materialistic movement and getting-profit movement will be locked. In order to have success and decrease the negative impact on the money this year, you should prioritize learning and the discovery of new strategies to work. It will also be important to work behind the scenes and keeping business secrets. Only talk about them after they have been signed, otherwise they will be undone. The year 7 brings betrayal and envy of enemies and friends, changes in relationships (friendship and love), love triangles and loss of important ties. The year requires meditation, deepening in the internal subjects, search for locations that provide rest, tranquility and the possibility of intellectual and spiritual gain. Do not try to force things. Everything will depend on a careful analysis and common sense. The more refined and deep are the abstractions, the greater the results and success.

  1. Places where people celebrate Afro-Brazilian cult called Candomblé.



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