Predictions for 2014 – Personal Year 6

The year 6 is for adjusting and settling of accounts.  It is used to be a quiet year. Its movement and problems are related to family and work relationships. Now it’s time to ensure changes made in year 5. If in the previous year you did not have the control of things, this year it’s all about control and the domain. It is a year of political alliances, contracts and agreements to ensure safety. It is likely that weddings and longer-lasting relationships happen right now. The energy brought by 6 demands settlement and all representing that will be frantically sought. The 6 represents the mother and the family, bringing many setbacks in this field. To minimize them, you should reduce the speed when entering the house, listen to the requests and you should not opt for the work or anything else instead of the family and its closest members. Despite this, your greatest satisfaction and accomplishment of this year will also come from the family. At work, you may be assuming more responsibilities- accumulation or even promotion. For those who are out of the market it will be the year of the return. The year also brings problems and issues related to justice, breaking and making of contracts, payments, receipts and everything that depends on signing as well as agreement between parties. You must always seek friendly agreements and avoid reaching for a judge’s decision. Anyway, you should not hesitate to reach the justice, when all attempts have been exhausted. The moment also favors the settlement of debts, from the personal to the financial (visits, objects and letters to friends). The feeling of harmony and peace will be present for the entire year. But this will not prevent conflicts, especially in the workplace and family. The hand protector, dominator and the excessive zeal of the 6 can negatively influence on judgments and decisions, which may leave you partial and biased. So pay attention and be careful not to support those who do not deserve to the detriment of the one who is in the truth. Social moments and also the presence of most influential people will help achieve the goals. Make the most of these contacts and turn this into something productive. The year calls for peace. Everything that does not symbolize or that is not in accordance with this should be avoided, modified or simply left out.



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