Predictions for 2014 – Personal Year 3

This is a good year for new opportunities, to take up room and to grow up. Projects started during the previous years will be more mature this year.

It is possible to master the changes made in career, love and day-by-day relationships.

There is growth in every way. The only thing that can keep you from reaching a climax: unfulfilled lessons in years 1 and 2. Remember that in Numerology you must be in perfect harmony with the vibrations that the number requests, otherwise you will not enjoy the positive side of it.

The year brings joy and the desire to release yourself a little more than usual. All related to fun, food and sex is treated with much more interest.

The 3 brings disposition and energy to tear things up, go through drawers, rid of complicated matters and to make radical changes, without guilt or dramas.

It may also cause problems by excess of eccentricity, pomp and presumption caused by the intrinsic sense of power, so you can run too many risks or put at risk things already established.

This moment is to broaden horizons, occupy every possible space, expand business or simply expand the knowledge of the world, being academic or not.

The resourcefulness in speech and body language brought by the energy of 3 will facilitate communication at work, in the circle of friends and family. This balance will help to reach higher positions in your career.

On the other hand, if this energy is not used positively you will have a sharp and feline tongue,  causing problems in many sectors of life, sometimes for talking too much, sometimes speaking insults to the wrong people at the wrong time. The year can be considered as the most joyful and auspicious within numerological matrix, but you must save money and not rely on the same positive moment next year.



Nobre Caminho óctuplo de Buda para chegar à elevação

Método para eliminar a ignorância  fundamental  sobre sua natureza e alcançar a iluminação:

1. Visão Correta  (Clareza Intelectual, Conceitos)

2. Intenção Correta (Querer)

3. Linguagem Correta (Expressão  verbal, repetir)

4. Conduta Correta (Não matar, roubar , mentir, embriagar/entorpecer, castidade)

5. Ocupação Correta (Trabalho que não atrapalhe sua iluminação)

6. Esforço Correto (Muitas ações que visam a iluminação)

7. Atenção Correta (Observar a mente que percebe as relações)

8. Concentração  Correta (Alcançar absorção completa na mente)524114_370911912974431_50358246_n

A atitude de cada número, segundo a Numerologia

Luiz Alexandre Jr explica a atitude de cada número, segundo a Numerologia.

Ser 1 é ser você mesmo e decidir sem medo de errar.

Ser 2 é se interessar por tudo que vem  do outro.

Ser 3 é falar dançar e cantar sua própria musica.

Ser 4 é refazer até acertar.

Ser 5 é mudar mesmo sem precisar.

Ser 6 é aceitar tudo que vier.

Ser 7 é acreditar no invisível.

Ser 8 é deixar de perder tempo com o que não tem valor.

Ser 9 é pegar tudo que veio antes, aprender e olhar para frente.


Predictions for 2014 – Personal Year 2

Year 2 leads relationships in all levels. You should be careful about gossips that will happen day-by-day during the year.

This year increases the wish of union and it also brings possibilities of partnerships and associations.

Also it can represent breakage of contracts, marriages and partnerships but these ruptures will be followed by new alliances.

In addition, this year brings the accomplishment of ideas from the previous year (1) that can be done with the help of partners.

Some activities that are considered as entertainment will be helpful in the family budget. You just let things flow naturally without censure and no matter what people will say about it.

This is the year of passion: everything will be taken by it: job, family, relationships and even a simple trip.

This year if you want to succeed you should do things with love. Your presence will be required in many places. Try to be mindful. Walk more slowly inside your home and at your working place. Notice every detail around you.

Many business and opportunities will be conquered just by observing things around you.

At disputes you should check all the facts before taking any decision or bending to one side.



This year sets the beginning of a new cycle that will last for more 9 years. If you get to solve the tasks from the previous year (number 9), you will have a very positive year and you will get to develop important projects. It’s the right time to make changes, to start new things and to turn over the game of life.

Many things that were so vital before will have less importance now. It’s time to reconsider everything and to get a new way.

If you are afraid of changing you should at least change your own way of facing old things.

Everything that starts in the year 1 must be long lasting: love, new projects and also friendship.

Even under difficulties it will be important to keep the main positive characteristics from the number 1.

On one hand, all possibilities can happen and on the other hand fear can lead you to the negative side of the number and this feeling can last all year long.

Year 1 can only be enjoyed completely if the all tasks from year 9 have been done; you should not start this year with traps linking you to the past, mainly those ones that don’t bring pleasure to you anymore and that keep coming along together with you for a long time.

Year 1 means a milestone for all human beings. Every time it happens it means a great opportunity to set your numerological clock and from then you will follow the vibration of each number harmonically. This possibility will get the human beings together to their destinies and will also help them to live their lives in a very subtle way, helping both their evolution and their fellows as well.